London’s ground conditions can be unpredictable, with many areas containing clay soil, which is known to expand and contract with moisture changes. Other regions may consist of sandy or silty soil that doesn’t offer solid support. This is where piling comes in.

Piling in London is not just a precautionary step; it’s often a necessity to ensure that buildings stand tall and strong for decades. By driving deep foundations into the ground, piling offers a stable base that can support significant loads without any risk of settlement or shifting over time.

Services Offered by KHB Piling LTD

  1. Mini Piling: Perfect for sites with restricted access, mini piling is an ideal solution for residential or small commercial projects.
  2. CFA Piling: Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) piling is an advanced method that’s efficient and environmentally friendly.
  3. Underpinning: This involves strengthening the existing foundation of a structure, and it’s particularly useful when additional floors are added.
  4. Ground Investigation: Before any piling work begins, KHB Piling LTD conducts thorough ground investigations to understand the soil conditions.

Why Choose KHB Piling LTD for Piling in London?

  • Experience: With years of experience, KHB Piling LTD has the expertise to handle any piling project, no matter how complex.
  • Quality Assurance: They follow stringent quality control measures to ensure that the piling work meets all industry standards.
  • Affordability: Offering competitive pricing without compromising on quality, KHB Piling LTD proves that top-notch piling in London doesn’t have to break the bank.
  • Client Satisfaction: Testimonials from satisfied clients are a testament to the commitment and professionalism of the team at KHB Piling LTD.


KHB Piling LTD is more than just a piling contractor; they are a partner in building your dreams. If you’re planning a construction project in London and need the assurance of strong foundations, look no further. With a range of services tailored to meet your specific needs, KHB Piling LTD is your premier choice for piling in London.

For inquiries or to schedule a consultation, don’t hesitate to contact KHB Piling LTD. Build with confidence, knowing that you have the support of one of the leading piling companies in London.