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At KHB Piling LTD, we are pioneers in the application of mini and micro-segmental piling for construction projects across London. Catering to sites with restricted access or low headroom, our advanced methods bypass the need for larger drilling rigs, ensuring efficient foundations even in challenging environments.

Our proficient engineers employ the mini piling method using 2.5-ton drivable rigs, capable of drilling up to 450mm in diameter and reaching depths of 15m. This meticulous process focuses on creating holes that are structurally sound, forming the bedrock of durable foundations.

For compact sites, our expertise extends to the micro-segmental piling technique. Here, we use rigs varying between 3 to 15 tonnes to drill piles ranging from 250mm to 600mm in diameter and delving up to 17 meters deep. The installation of augers is executed manually, ensuring precision at every step.

Understanding that every construction project is unique, KHB Piling LTD is committed to offering bespoke solutions tailored to your needs. Our commitment to utilizing the latest technology and equipment ensures the highest quality results.

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Why Mini Piling is a Go-To Foundation Method in London

London, with its historical roots, diverse soil types, and iconic architecture, demands specialized construction techniques. Mini piling has emerged as a preferred deep foundation technique in the heart of the city and its suburbs.

Mini-piling in London has surged in popularity due to:

  1. Space Efficiency: Navigating London’s compact urban layout is easier with mini piling rigs, which are streamlined and agile, ensuring optimal results in tight spaces.
  2. Minimized Disruption: Keeping noise and vibration levels low is crucial in bustling areas. Mini piling offers a quieter, less intrusive solution, ideal for city projects.
  3. Versatility: Regardless of the soil type, mini piling adjusts seamlessly, catering to diverse applications from underpinning to foundation reinforcement.
  4. Economical Approach: In urban settings, mini piling can be a cost-effective choice, with its compact rigs translating to lower logistical costs.

With London’s skyline ever-evolving, the need for adept mini-piling contractors like KHB Piling LTD is more pronounced than ever. Be it residential developments, commercial ventures, or urban revamps, our expertise lays the groundwork for a brighter, sturdier London.

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FAQKHB Piling LTD: Your Questions Answered

Mini and micro-segmental piling are specialized techniques for restricted sites

KHB Piling LTD uses mini piling for sites with limited headroom and access, using 2.5-ton drivable rigs. Micro-segmental piling is for even smaller sites, with rigs ranging from 3 to 15 tonnes. These techniques are tailored for urban environments like London where space and access can be limited.

Mini piling is suited for densely populated and restricted areas

Due to London’s historical growth, soil diversity, and numerous old structures, mini piling offers a solution that addresses space constraints, reduces noise and vibration, and can be more cost-effective.

Our mini piling rigs have varied specifications

Our engineers utilize 2.5-ton drivable rigs with a diameter of up to 450mm and a depth of 15m. For micro-segmental piling, we use rigs from 3 to 15 tonnes, drilling piles from 250mm to 600mm in diameter, with depths up to 17 meters.

Each project has unique requirements, and we tailor our approach accordingly

At KHB Piling LTD, we assess the specifics of your construction site, access constraints, and other factors to recommend the most suitable piling technique for optimal results.

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Our experienced professionals are ready to provide insights, recommendations, and estimates tailored to your project needs. We aim to ensure you have a solid foundation for your construction aspirations.

Noise reduction ensures minimal disruption in dense locales

In cities like London, where projects may be close to homes, offices, and sensitive structures, minimizing noise and vibration is vital to prevent disturbances and maintain a harmonious environment.

Yes, we prioritize using cutting-edge technology and equipment

At KHB Piling LTD, we believe in staying updated with the latest advancements to ensure high-quality work that caters to modern construction demands and challenges.

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Our team is ready to share extensive information about the advantages and applications of these specialized piling techniques, ensuring you make informed decisions for your projects.